Save Your Way

With customizable Vaults, zero monthly fees, and interest paid daily, Wealthable puts you into control of your saving goals.

Say Goodbye to Fees.

Wealthable has no overdraft or monthly fees. Our goals align with yours.


Monthly Fees


Hidden Fees


Overdraft Fees

Introducing Vaults

Do you want to save for something specific? With traditional banks, you have to open an entirely new account and there’s the paperwork to go with it. Vaults from Wealthable are different: you can save for whatever you want, whenever you want.

Save and Share

Wealthable gives you the freedom to create saving plans for whatever financial goal you have. So if you want to save up for that big vacation, a new TV, or even this month’s rent, we’ve got you covered. Share your savings plans with friends and family, or even create a shared savings plan with them.

Safe and Secure

Vaults provide a new level of security by giving you the option to access your accounts with your own unique VaulKey. If your account is ever compromised, you will be able to simply cancel that Vaultkey and create a new one instantly.

Build Your Financial Health Score

Make sure your finances are in order with the Financial Health Score, which tracks your total savings, total expenses, and savings rate. 

Interest Paid Daily at more than 10x the national average!

You read that right!  Other banks let you earn daily.  We PAY daily.  Daily compounding is just one more way we help you build wealth!  Wealthable charges no hidden fees and pays you interest every single day of the year (weekends and holidays too!) at more than 10x the national average savings account rate**. 

2.50% APY*

*Current APY as of August 30, 2022. 

** 10x claim based on Bankrate.com’s average savings account benchmark of 0.11% published July 20, 2022.  Interest rates are variable.  For more information on rate changes and calculations, see the Wealthable Terms and Conditions. 

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